Heer is a Certified Chartered Accountant, operating virtually for world wide clients, she learned about the value of hard work and the rewards that may follow.
She has served several industries through her professional knowledge in areas of accounting, auditing, taxation. Have worked with big 4’s serving US Clients. She has wide exposure to QuickBooks accounting by rendering the accounting services to US and worldwide clients.



We offer affordable, accounting services and professional tax Services to individual clients and businesses in various industries. we always encourage our clients to ask for our professional input When making important financial decisions. We are happy to assist, we ensure you receive the right answers. We strongly believe treating with respect, and helping clients is the best track to operate. We offer High standards, we pursue excellence in everything we do that’s why we understand your business and incorporate your feedback, we make sure we are efficient with your time and you benefit from the highest quality system design currently available. We review it at every stage, that’s why we provide Accurate Financial results we always have a second set of eyes on every financial report we deliver.

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We are dedicated professionals who are committed to taking care of clients and changing the way businesses run their financial operations.
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